Having many locations in a hospital where inventory is located and managed and ensuring adequate inventory is available for patient care and procedures has become a difficult and challenging task.

In a traditional inventory management system the inventory is recorded as it is received and sold. Visibility of inventory within the hospital is lost once the items have been sent to Wards or Theatres. Inventory is often taken from one location to another and then not recorded as it is used, resulting in items not being available when they are required.

Arcus provides near real-time visibility of and reordering of this inventory for hospitals.

The Arcus Kanban solution for Hospitals uses RFID Kanban cards to trigger re ordering. Arcus interfaces to the hospital's ERP system, simplifying and automating the reorder process, thus saving both time and money. Much of the time this system is just operating in the background, allowing staff to go about their daily duties, without having to worry about having adequate inventory levels.

Arcus provides visibility on specific inventory items across the entire hospital, allowing users to immediately see what stock is available in different wards.

Whilst Arcus manages inventory by Kanban in locations across a hospital, it also has the capability to manage inventory at the item level using RFID smart waste bins as a method of reorder. As items are discarded in a waste bin, the system will deplete the stock level and subsequently re-order the item as necessary.

The consignment stock capability provides visibility for the hospital and for vendors to manage their consignment stock, without the need to go on site in each location to perform periodic stock checks. Automated emails are sent to vendors on their consignment stock levels and locations within the hospital. As items are discarded in a RFID smart waste bin its use is automatically reported to the procurement department and the relevant vendor.