RFID can provide a valuable return for hospitals and healthcare providers across the full supply chain:

  • Consignment Stock Management
  • CSSD
  • Procurement, traceability serialization and tracking of expiry dates
  • Laundry control
  • Pharmacy authentication
  • Asset identification and tracking
  • Patient monitoring & tracking
  • Blood Supply Management (cold chain)

All these functions can be connected via a Cloud based application, providing an integrated solution. Arcus is the world’s first cloud based RFID solution. Designed with hospitals in mind it is technologically advanced but designed to be simple for the end user with open standards at its heart. It provides value in Procedure Costing, Inventory Management and Asset control.

Cloud Computing has now become the most popular server infrastructure. It allows for a broadly fluid and distributed so-called Internet-of-Things to be created managing many disparate functions within the institution.

Traditional supply chain management systems require users to manage inventory as it is moved around locations. RFID can provide a seamless system that does not require users to manage stock in different locations, as product moves it is scanned dynamically and adjusted in the database. As product is discarded it can be re-ordered automatically, providing a faster supply chain management solution.

Whilst each of the applications is individual, the hardware is able to provide information for more than one task. The Procedure Costing bins provides information for Inventory management and re-order. Asset management portals can also be used to track inventory into locations.

With this system waste (trash) is also now a way to track item usage. As an item (or its packaging) is discarded the system will deplete the stock and trigger re-ordering as necessary.

Arcus does not require local servers which reduces cost and greatly simplifies installation, maintenance, and infrastructure management.