Blood Management

Adilam provides a world leading RFID Blood Management and Pathologies Management Solution from HealthRFID.

ControlPoint - Your Dashboard to Total Visibility

The ControlPoint Server is the core of our HealthRFID blood management system and controls the end to end workflows and acts as management dashboard. It is cloud based, configurable to your business processes and integrates with your backend systems. We have designed ControlPoint to be intuitive to use and the dashboard presents you with the most important information on the spot.

Features of ControlPoint

  1. Manages the Infrastructure of:
    • Readers
    • Workflows
    • Locations
    • Users
    • Alerts and Notifications
  2. Associates RFID tags and blood bags and labels with customer provided data such as unique patient or
    donation numbers, type of blood or other ISBT-128 compliant information for blood products. Importantly
    ControlPoint can be configured at a field level to store this information in the database, on the RFID tag or
    both helping you to get the right balance between security, performance and operational convenience
  3. Supports a wide range of transactions including:
    • Blood Products - request, issue, dispatch, receive, discard, transfuse, associate items with larger
      transportation units, change location of item, check contents of shippers, recall, monitor and more
    • Other Pathology samples - collection, courier dispatch, hub / SRA reception and accession
  4. Provides a visual dashboard showing the status and location of individual blood bags and groups of blood bags
  5. Provides reporting and diagnostic tools
  6. Provides a comprehensive (SOAP or RESTful webservices) API for integration